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Earlier in the year, we were asked if we'd ever venture out into other products in addition to soaps. At the time, we weren't sure, as soaps were a passion built out of many hours, nay years of tweaking and enhancing. And yet, just as we've all learned after the year 2020, life has changed forever here at Bark Soap. We have evolved, grown and ventured out into newer territory. It is with this new adventurous spirit (and still maintaining our dedication to quality, sustainable products) we bring you the first in our specialty line. The Bark Bamboo Series is inspired by the...

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A lot more goes into soap making than many people would believe. Usually, a bar of soap starts with an idea sparked from everyday life or a problem that needs solving. Like you find that your kid is breaking out in hives after spending his free time collecting ants, or you finally get to see that a flower called "Hooker's Lips" is actually a REAL THING and that red color would look beautiful in a bar of soap.   Palicourea elata When on Earth/CC license   In this case, it was daisies. It was a dark and stormy night rainy, humid day which...

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Bark Soap is for you. Unconventional, Quirky, Unique, Fabulous YOU.

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