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Being a born and bred Houstonian, I know all about heat and humidity. If there is one thing Houstonians can attest to, it is that Southern Gulf weather is at once a blessing and a curse. When the weather is nice, it is VERY nice. But then there are the other 360 days of the year. Despite water-logged air that keeps my hair frizzy and my upper lip wet, I still end up with dry skin. Arms, elbows, knees and heels will always start to peel no matter what. I always hated applying lotion in hot weather. The same buttery, moisturizing goodness...

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Ever wonder what shea butter looks like BEFORE it is put into pretty little jars? Let these hard-working, beautiful women in Ghana show you something you didn't know and rarely see. This is how shea butter is made - from nut to final product.

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The skincare industry loves to remind us that they're using it, but what exactly IS shea butter? And why is it so great?

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