What's pink, slightly glittery, great smelling and is guaranteed to make your skin feel incredible?

Meet Papaya Shimmer:

papaya shimmer closeup

Papaya Shimmer is made from shea butter, avocado oil with a bit of Vitamin E, and whipped to soft, spreadable lusciousness We gave it one tiny sprinkle of biodegradable glitter, just for a little sparkle and a lot of satisfaction.

Our Papaya Shimmer is best used after a bath or shower. I'm obsessive about putting it on my feet, knees, elbows and generally any other body part that gets a little "ashy".  Pure, store-bought lotion doesn't do it, especially when you're spending summers at the beach where salty water dries out the skin. So I hoard some away in spring along with my flip-flops in preparation for summer.

 Papaya Shimmer close-up

Bark Soap Co. offers Papaya Shimmer year-round. Grab a jar in either the 2 oz. or 3 oz. size.



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