Why we exist

Your face full of freckles. Your blue hair, bell bottoms or birthmark. That weird tattoo you love. Sometimes we march to the beat of our own drummer.

Your unique beauty may not be seen in ads at well-known stores. It can make you wonder where you fit in. Where is it okay to be just a bit … off-kilter?

That is why we exist. 

At BSC, we celebrate (and encourage) your individuality and the things that make you, well, YOU.

Our natural-based products are designed to plump up those already large lips, uncover that face full of freckles and rejoice in the mass of curls that make your afro your crown.

We are here to make your quirk WORK.

  • BSC's mission is to allow your individual charm to shine through by providing high-quality, thoughtfully-crafted, eco-friendly products that don't mask your unique style. Unlike other brands, we don't just focus on outer beauty. We want to be a part of a global change to ethical, sustainable, inclusive business practices. Because we know your beauty, inside and out.

    May your journey through life be just a bit brighter with Bark Soap Co., a company built to make your quirk WORK.

  • Tracy

    wool spinning, bad religion, bell bottoms, vinyl toys, RTJ

  • Chris

    ruby on rails, punk music, farmer, bacon, beer, games

  • The gang

    robots, dragon puppets, bugs, fencing, puppies