• Are Bark Soap Co. products made from all-natural ingredients?
    At BSC, we strive to use ingredients in their most natural, unadulterated state. Though most of our ingredients are naturally-derived, unprocessed ingredients is not always possible. FDA regulations plus the standard of efficacy we have set for our products means using some products that are colloquially deemed "natural" but have been extracted or altered in some way to produce the desired product. Because we believe in complete transparency with our customers, we simply state that these products are naturally-derived.
  • Why aren't you branding yourself as "all-natural?"
    We feel many companies that tell you they are all-natural are a bit misleading. 
    The FDA does not have set requirements or regulations for calling a product natural. Therefore we simply say that we use natural or naturally-derived ingredients in all BSC products.
  • Do you do wholesale orders?
    Yes. For wholesale inquiries please contact us at


  • When do ordered products ship?
    We typically send orders out for shipment 1-3 business days from purchase. Ordering on the weekend or during a holiday week may take slightly longer.
  • Do you ship internationally? 
    At this time, we do not ship outside of the United States. We have plans to arrange for international shipping in the future.


Due to the nature of our product, we cannot accept returns. If you have a concern about an ordered product, please contact us at