This Scent Sunday, we're taking a look at what is one of my favorite scents in our fall lineup - Leather+Black Pepper.

This scent would have fallen under the "masculine" scent categories in traditional spaces, but we at BSC don't believe in gendered scents (frankly, the idea is silly), so it's suitable for anyone.  Combining top notes of peppercorn, with a base of oak and smoky patchouli, the scent is rich, woodsy and has an almost butterscotch smell.

Leather+Black Pepper is a statement, a signature, an extension of your refined persona. If you're looking for fragrance with an air of sophistication, this one fits the bill. Shea butter enhances the smooth and powdery feel when it's applied to the skin.

You can find this scent in our current lineup (as of Fall '23), in BSC's body batter and body yogurt. And who knows? We love this one so much you may see it in other products in the future.

 Try Leather+Black Pepper body batter now!

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