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Ever wonder what shea butter looks like BEFORE it is put into pretty little jars? Let these hard-working, beautiful women in Ghana show you something you didn't know and rarely see. This is how shea butter is made - from nut to final product.

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You're stranded on a deserted island and there's very little to eat. What is the first thing you grab to make a meal (besides, hopefully, your friends)? Coconuts.  A Thai-food favorite, a somewhat misnamed fruit, the object of a Tom Hanks love-hate relationship - the coconut (and its oil) has been utilized in the beauty industry, food, textiles and more for a very long time. (The picture at right was taken in 1938 in Key West, Florida. Photo courtesy Library of Congress) The coconut tree, or cocos nucifera, has been called the "Tree of Life" because you can use just about every part of it. Versatility...

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