What were you doing when you were a young teen? I don't know about you, but starting my own business was the furthest thing from my mind. Teens have so much to learn and juggle that it seems entrepreneurship couldn't be possible. And yet ...

Meet Zyon Scott, creator and CEO of Fit for a Princesss - a luxury teen cosmetics company that specializes in tinted lip glosses in the cutest shades! (Seriously y'all, I would have been all over this as a teen. Probably would have been her number one customer.) I had a chance to do a little Q&A with Ms. Scott and I'm sharing our maker-to-maker chat.

Zyon Scott

Tell me about your business. What made you decide to start Fit For a Princesss? 

Fit For A Princesss was started because every lip gloss I bought was either too thick, too thin, didn't go well with my complexion, or made me break out. I wanted to make myself a gloss that was the "perfect gloss." So, I bought all the materials necessary and started experimenting. Finally, one day I created the perfect one and wore it to school. Everybody kept asking where I got it from. So, I told them I made it and they asked me for some and gave me helpful criticism.

I realized I loved making it and I wanted to do it every day! I've always had an entrepreneurial mindset, from making $10 a week assembling handmade clay bracelets, to painted rocks - which by the way gave me a lot of profit because the rocks were free and paint was only $1 at most. I sold them for $5, so if you think about it, it was an amazing idea. I made $40 a week from slime and candy, all at school. So I had a strong urge to sell my "perfect" lip gloss. 

What was the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me was marketing, along with the added problem of COVID-19. I wasn't able to see anyone or get out of the house and, at the time, I didn't have any social media. I had to start at rock bottom, with only having two or three contacts from my school and four or five contacts from my church.

So, tell us about your product. This perfect lip gloss - who is it made for?

Fit For A Princesss is a beautiful, vegan, all-natural, as well as cruelty-free gloss blend, midway between thick and thin in consistency. We are working on adding customizable lip gloss, lip and body scrubs, and more.

We are unique because with every order, you get a personal handwritten note of encouragement. Our products are suitable for a wide range of consumers. Fit For A Princess is intended for everybody regardless of race, ethnicity, or levels of melanin.

FFP Lip Gloss

How has your business changed from when you started to now? What have you learned in the journey?

My business has changed a lot from when I started to now. For one, my website design changed from chaotic colors and product names to simpler yet unique. The way I market and the product itself have changed as well. Instead of having unfocused colors, which make the glosses look inconsistent, my presentation has become more targeted and intentional.

Throughout this journey I learned that no matter the amount of effort, to successful takes commitment even when sales are low.

I also learned how much people's interests differ from each other! Some people may love shades of pink and that's all they buy, but you get some  people that hate it and won't even consider looking into it.

Advice for other young people on starting a business? 

Some people, even the people who you think are the closest to you, might not fully support your efforts to succeed. But you have to keep going. If it's something you are invested in, or committed to, then do it! Starting your own business is a big responsibility, but if you love what you're doing you will succeed.

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