1. You know what's in it.
    Handmade soap is usually made from basic ingredients that you know and love. Coconut oil, olive oil, and different types of butters replace the harsher chemicals that are often crammed into commercial "soaps." It's pretty much all you need for everyday use.
  2. It's actual SOAP.
    Many, if not most, "soaps" currently on the market are not true soaps at all. They are detergents which, while effective at cleaning, can often lead to other skin problems if you have sensitive skin. A true soap is made of oils/butters and lye (or some sort of alkali). That's pretty much it, though you can add the fragrances, exfoliators and whatever else imaginable. 
  3. Handmade soaps are prettier. 
    I know this one is a personal preference, but come on guys - let's be real. Most commercial soaps are not exactly aesthetically pleasing. Handmade soaps usually have someone behind it who is very concerned about how soaps make a person feel when using them, and that includes how the soap looks. These are the soaps you set out for guests, right?
  4. Varied scents. If you're the type of person who loves a scented soap, you'll find more varieties in not just the look of the soap, but the SMELLS. Everything from the exotic smells of Lotus flower and Ylang Ylang to the woodsy scents of Tonka Beans and Oud, you are sure to find a soap that smells perfect for you.
  5. Handmade soaps are in their best state. Typically, homemade soaps are made and sold within a year. Not only that, if they are held longer they tend to get better with age. Soaps made with lye age like fine wines. Typical "soap" bought in stores has usually been shipped thousands of miles in hot trucks. Exposure to heat, light and moisture degrade the quality. Not to mention buyers have no idea how long the soap sat on a shelf in a warehouse before being shipped.

These are just a few of the reasons you should really consider switching to handmade soaps. Not only can you find a reliable, high-quality product that fits you, your family and your lifestyle, but you can support a small business that relies on customer satisfaction and feedback to continue to improve.

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